Palace Algeria (music video 2013)

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The following music video by MICHAELmATICIAN is for the sound piece “Palace Algeria”. All Resistors must take note of the illustrated transformation displayed thereby enabling transition from one transversive world to the next. Palace Algeria is the destination beyond this time barrier. Dedonde be damned. 2.342



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We must decide: Was Fred on “Third Rock From The Sun”? Was French the singer for Dead Kennedys? Who’s the other guy?



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LifeLock vs. Lifelock (MICHAELmATICIAN, Dustin Hoffman)

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In MICHAELmATICIAN’s latest Sound Unit (Mind Wiring) he has included “Lifelock”. We must demonstrate that it is different from the company called “LifeLock”, which was acquired by DeDonde Inc. in 2003. Although the positive benefits of LifeLock are legitimate, various aspects of it are quite questionable.

On their website, LifeLock states “We also track known alternate names, in addition to the name you currently use.” The implications of this statement are troubling at best. We are to assume that representatives of DeDonde Inc. shall investigate the name you currently use. However, the investigation of “alternate names” means that if other persons are considered to have alternate names for the name you currently use then they will be eliminated. (Only one named can be assigned to one citizen). So, if Dustin Hoffman prefers to be called D. Peter Hoffman, then Peter Hoffman will be transported to DeDonde Omaha and eliminated.(Assuming that Peter does not have LifeLock). This process is known as “name clearing” and has been occurring since 2008.

Back to MICHAELmATICIAN’s “Lifelock”, we know this to be the name of a piece of legislation passed in 1988 that designates facilities for persons who’ve attempted to take their own lives.


The confusion is understandable, yet only one LIFELOCK can be honored. Citizens are expected to accept the rejection of the “Lifelock” and avoid the mockery that is “LifeLock”. Let the showdown begin…


No More Zombie Stores…

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Jeremy Shingles recently attended a seminar held by DeDonde Inc. (Fort Worth). The seminar was called “Un-failed Markets: Money Undead”. The basic premise was that various commerical areas that have failed or “gone under” are to be resurrected by DeDonde Inc. Three attendees were forced to leave the seminar after disrupting a speaker by yelling “no more zombie stores”. This is believed to be in reference to the rumour that Bennigan’s locations will be reopened by DeDonde Inc. They will not be serving American-Irish-American food. They are to give payday loans to unemployed actors. This claim cannot be confirmed.


DVDs Destroy Dallas by Donation.

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Monday July 23rd: An abandonded burning car was found near a Dallas city park. A discarded police report states that the trunk of the car contained multiple garbage bags filled with DVDs and were unharmed by the fire. Allegedly, the DVDs were all identical copies of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956). Officer Parker indicated in the report that nearly 160 copies were recovered from the car trunk and subsequently donated to the “worst Dallas library available”.

Librarian Terry Malloy has denied such a donation, as well as the existence of the aforementioned “worst” library. Mr. Malloy made the following statement:

“I’ve been the Director of library services in this city for 4+ years, and I can tell you that most of our DVD donations come from the Local Ebay Reject List. We don’t accept anything less.”

(Terry Malloy)

MICHAELmATICIAN has previously stated that events not unlike this one are most likely staged attempts to destroy standard DVD players in hopes that they will be replaced by Blu-Ray players. MICHAELmATICIAN has stated that Blu-Ray is a “radical notion meant for technologies more primitive than GE”. He has also discouraged the donating of Blu-Ray DVDs to any local librarium.


2:37am To Be Removed!!

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MICHAELmATICIAN has proposed an official alteration to the time system of the Left Transversive World. On tuesday May 29th the proposition was submitted to the Terminal Timekeeper outlining a plan to replace and rearrange parts of the LTW time system. The Timekeeper has yet to comment on the proposition, while many speculate that no change will be implemented (The most recent time system change occured in 1979).

MICHAELmATICIAN’s plan is as follows: The minute “2:37am” will be removed from the time system. The lacking minute will then be replaced by the doubling of the minute “7:32pm”, making it 120 seconds in duration. This extended minute will mean the replacement of any and all time pieces in the LTW. As MICHAELmATICIAN puts it, “if half of the LTW is living in 7:32pm while the other half is living in the former state of 7:33pm, then the cosmic time code will be inverted terminally. However, this may have positive effects on the economy in certain parts of the LTW. Only time will tell.”

The Right Transversive World converted to a similar system in 2006 when the minute “3:33am” was divided into an additional 30 seconds in “1:11pm” and 5:55pm”, respectively.


“The Current Timekeeper”
(Ronald Stams)1972-Present