Michael’s Article of Non-Science Found

Michaelmatician is a Time/Music Traveller/Artist from/in the 1980’s and our future. His units are constantly being discovered and are revealing his manifolds/music.


The Following is a submission found in Popular Technics 1981 from Michael:



Southern Quantiversity



Shifts: Discrete and Continuous phases by the Terminal

The resistance can be measured, but that does not make it continuous. One cannot divide the resistance into infinitely smaller parts, yet there are smaller parts. These parts are discrete units, and these individual discrete units cannot be reduced. A simple resistor is exactly that, and if a fraction of it is taken it is no longer a resistor. But the resistor can be taken from the resistance, measured as a fraction, and still operate normally.

            The effects of the resistance can be considered continuous due to the fact that no discrete units are present. However, effects can be rendered by the tools of the resistor, which are discrete units. Other examples of continuous existors would be a) power b) non-techo c) time. The discrete units that all resistors have to avoid are known as doom riders. Doom riders have maintained the continuous effect of controlling mass population with the aid of other sub-discrete units (appliances, techno-brund). The most logical question that comes to mind would be “how can one travel in a continuous existence”?


            Movement and the measurement of movement in a continuous techno/non-techno-sphere can be done with the use of phase-shifts. For example, the terminals of Time are used for phase-shifting in Time. The same is of course true for space, but simply for The Terminal. Most phase-shifts are described in detail in the Proper Space Protocol (1981). These illustrations show propagations within the shift, but not limited by the terminals of the shift.

            An other form a phase-shift is the” Lateral Moduli”, which is comprised of alterations of the spatial dimensions and the reversal of terminals. This shift gained much attention in the late 1970’s by use of the Doom Riders. The manner in which they used this phase-shift revolutionized the formidable mathscience process for both terminals and laterals alike. Although this shift has not been proven since, its occurrences have been reported on numerous occasions for decades.

Zero-Motion and Large Movera

            Zero-Motion is not subject to the effects of any phase-shift, yet its effects often times determine the velocity of the shift. A discrete object can be subject to Zero-Motion, but it is important to note that Zero-Motion is not discrete. It is an example of a continuous effect, creating similar results as Large Movera.

            Large Movera is very similar to Zero-Motion but employs the opposite pattern with regards to the terminals. While the velocity and the amplitude of the non-shift remain the same, the planal dimension is inverted in the process of Large Movera. The inversion has inhibited the length of the shift, but the omnital frequency is greatly increased. In the first and third lemmas, it is shown that a discrete object such as a Resistor or even a Doom Rider can transmutate unintentionally during the proper shift/non-shift.



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