2009 in Retrospect: Abandonded

January – Dedonde Enterprises expands into southern Florida with its division “Dedonde Inc.”. This corporation specializes in timepieces and watches as well as alarm clocks. The original building was burned down by an arsonist before it was completed. (The arsonist was believed to be a member of the underground group ‘Resistance” formed in the 1980’s.)

April – The National Historical Preservation League of Algeria annouced/began its study and investigation into the “Jinti Lurgu” myth. The study has been happening all year in parts of China and India. Among the artifacts that have been discovered, a sound unit made by Michaelmatician was found. This unit has not been made public, but it is rumoured to be a recording of/about the myth of Jinti Lurgu. (Note that Michael’s second sound unit contains “Jinti Lurgu”, the only record of the Myth. In fact, all information regarding the myth is derived from that single recording.)

September – A report from Wales stated that many viewers in the south Cardiff area witnessed an interruption in the Television broadcast. During a re-run of “Red Dwarf”, what seemed like a press conference filming cut into the program. The speaker supposedly identified himself as Michael of the Resistance, and he warned of ‘a landing’ and ‘a single signal’. The actual interruption was attributed to undergroup pirating, but no record of the interruption is known. The interruption lasted 2 minutes and 8 seconds.

2010 will bring more chaos and manifolds than we know.



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  1. […] been known for some time now that A Landing has been predicted by Michaelmatician. In one of our earliest posts, we discussed Michaelmatician’s pirate transmission in Whales about the Landing. We know that […]

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