Sightings: Michaelmatician(s) Seen?

Friday 01/29/10 10:01 am

Two conflicting reports have come in claiming to have seen Michaelmatician. The first report comes from Relizane, Algeria where a local meat dealer says he witnessed Michaelmatician. (quote translated to english) “I was seeing professor in market. I know it is him from all of the Resistance propaganda I’ve seen. He must move in time this day. He appeared suddenly before several seconds and then disappeared to me.” (This is a report heard quite frequently from this part of the world.) The second report is from the same time of day but in the United States. A taxi driver in NYC claims to have seen Michaelmatician. The driver states that he saw Michael come out of an office building and open a sewer manhole and go into it. The driver would not comment on the sighting or how he knew that it was Michaelmatician.

Both reports are to have occurred at around 10am. This leads many to believe that more advancements have been made with the Windmill and/or Zero-Motion.

No other local or world news has reported any happenings of the Resistance today, but many online sources like this one have written about Michael recently. Many sources feel that the Resistance is going to return to it’s original U.S. front soon, with Michaelmatician once again leading.
After more than a decade since his exodus from the States’ public eye (Ugooglizer ’99), his return is highly aniticpated.

~ Jeremy Shingles


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