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Secret Protocols: Michael Returns

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A few days ago I found myself having lunch with Michaelmatician. I ordered a sandwich at a downtown deli and as I was walked to my vehicle I passed an ally. I was suddenly struck by a half-eaten grapefruit thrown from behind a dumpster. It was Michael.

He proceeded to tell me news of his recent activities. As I joined him in his ally hideout, I learned that he has been travelling a bit. He spoke of his visits to Algeria as well as Oregon. During our discussion, I learned that he has prepared a sound unit for the world. It is waiting to be discovered and studied (hopefully by Jeremy Shingles and not Dedonde Enterprises). Michael refuses to disclose the location (time/space) of his Sound Unit, therefore I must monitor the media for any word on such a thing. Michael also commanded that an event be held to unvail this unit to the world. The exact time and place of such an event is not known, but Michael stated that he will spend time in the U.S. this year. His first stop: Dallas. As for the reasoning behind this choice of location, he said he hoped the “effect” of the unit would destroy the “Gulf Time-Border” and “de-quantify” the ozone. I assume that he will visit various major cities while he is here.

The Sound Unit is going to be the second Michaelmatician effort professed by Michael since the formation of the 2nd-wave Resistance (1982). Although there seems to be a rather large gap between these two units, I imagine it has not been very long for Michael. He also hinted at a new keyboard used for this Sound Unit. I imagine it was stolen from a garage sale somewhere in Guam.

All news of this coming Sound Unit will be posted on this blog, so keep an eye out.



Questions. Television. Popular Culture. LOST.

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I thought it would be acceptable to take a break from all things Michaelmatician and talk a little bit about the final season of our favourite TV show: LOST.

I certainly will not be recapping the latest epsiode, but instead I will be posing questions the entire show has raised. Hopefully this will generate some discussion about the show as a whole and what we all hope it will reveal this finale season.


1. How/why are The Others on the Island? How long have they been there? Why do they all speak english and claim to have been brought to the Island?

2. Who built all of the ancient things on the Island? (The Temple, the underground tunnels, the Frozen Donkey Wheel, the giant statue w/ 4 toes) When were they made?

3. Why can people die and still be physically present on/off the Island? (Christian Shephard, Charlie Pace, Jacob)

4. Why did The Others allow the Dharma Initiative to be on the Island for so long? Why did they kill them all off?

5. Why is it that when a child is conceived on the Island the mother dies during childbirth? How long has that been happening?

We all hope we will get answers to these questions. However, maybe the answers will be implied by other information given. Only Time will tell…..