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‘Photonic Einductor’ Displayed

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Saturday 5.22.10 was the day of display for Michaelmatician’s newest sound unit called “Photonic Einductor”. It was heard.

To all that witnessed the transmission: ‘thank you.’ A performance is also coming and will be announced soon.

Unfortunately, neither Michael nor myself were able to attend this event. However, a local musician volunteered to
host it. He or she will remain nameless.



The Event: A New Sound Unit Released!

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What: Michaelmatician’s Latest Sound Unit (CD) [title is a secret]

Where: ‘Art in the Park’
at the Arlington Highlands

When: Saturday May 22nd 12-5pm

Under the guise of an art exibit, Michaelmatician’s new sound unit release can be observed at the aforementioned event.