Recent Photos of Michaelmatician Surface: A Performance?!

No one knows when. No one knows where. At some place in space and at some point in time Michaelmatician performed in secret recently. This will mark the first known performance by Michael in ‘our’ 2010. His previous known performance was in 2006 at the Tokyo Game Show. The following photos were submitted anonymously over the past weekend and seem to indicate a club-like stage setting. It is very hard to determine if Michaelmatician traveled in time before/during the performance.

If we are to assume that Michael’s performance was current for him (his ‘present’), then there may be more to come. If we go a step further and conclude that this performance occurred locally then it is highly possible that Michael is still in Dallas. Most of us were under the impression that he left for Los Angeles in late May, after the revelation of Photonic Einductor. Certainly representatives from Dedonde Inc. have been alerted about the supposed performance and are most likely monitoring all venues and post offices.

I have made efforts to contact Michael after learning about the performance and I will wait for his response. It could take days, but he shall respond. The resistance is ever growing and awaiting his instructions. To all resistors who were not informed of the performance- it was for your protection. Michael commands us to continue our duties at local libraries, post offices, dark alleys and at home. Resistance Maintains!

Jeremy Shingles


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