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The Vehicle of Control

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Obtain. A. Sound Unit. ___

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Get Photonic Einductor here!

It cannot be stopped. This item is now available to all citizens in this transversive world. Doing this was the only way to prevent Dedonde Inc. from claiming ownership.

*Updated* Michaelmatician Performs in Dallas

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Michaelmatician is to perform at the Prophet bar in Dallas on 8/21/10
@ 8:00p

Prepare yourself for the new sound unit “Photonic Einductor”.



No one was fooled this past weekend by the false information regarding Michaelmatician performing at the Prophet Bar in Dallas,Tx. All members of the Resistance received the correct information and location about Michaelmatician’s performance.

Everyone is aware of the reason for this process. We must not let Dedonde Inc. infiltrate Resistance meetings and document it. If you attended, you already know when and where it was. You all must now pursue your mission. Michael has spoken.

Let it be known that a binary code sent back from the Prophet Bar indicated interference from a wire-dynamo (Dedonde).

This place shall be avoided. This place shall be avoided.