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In 7 days It will be revealed.

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A new creation by Michaelmatician has recently surfaced. Very specific instructions were given regarding its unveiling and distribution. At this point, I am not able to tell you what the creation is. It may be electric, It my be living, It may be dead. I cannot tell you what it is.

On January 5th all right citizens will be able to witness the creation. Instructions will be given on this blog on that date. Stay tuned.

-Jeremy Shingles


In 15 days It will be revealed.

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[The Photo shown above is the most recent sighting of Michaelmatician. If you know when or where this was, please leave a comment below.]


A new discovery will be presented and/or revealed to all right citizens in 15 days. We must be prepared.  The year will come to a close soon, and Michaelmatician commands the Resistance to complete tasks/assignments and prepare for the coming current.


We Will Learn To See The Michrotron.



In 21 days It will be revealed.

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The photograph above is not It.

More updates shall appear to all right citizens who read the Jeremy Shingles Blog.



In 28 days It will be revealed

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I have discovered yet another product of Michaelmatician from his latest effort ‘Photonic Einductor’. This sub-unit has been/will be created quite secretly and shall set a precedent.


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