Michaelmatician has created an image for all Resistors to behold.

It has been named. All who would like to learn the name of the image must please comment or email us. More will be learned of it at a different time.


One Response to “Michaelmatician has created an image for all Resistors to behold.”

  1. Hello, Jeremy. I have a few questions about this image. First of all let me say that it was quite moving. I fowarded the link to my closest colleages and friends. I find the space and shape proportions to be intriguing and unconventional. My first question is: Did Michaelmatician intend to communicate a subject’s nature and/or shape? My next question is: Can you tell me how this was made? I assume that a writing device was fashioned specifically for this piece. Finally, my last question: Does Michaelmatician seek to send a message to the observer in regards to our perceived realty?

    Thank you so much. I intend to send a donate to your cause via paypal.

    -Murray Fuller

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