Photonic Einductor

Michaelmatician has recently provided us with not only a photograph of several different versions of Photonic Einductor, but has also granted permission for all right citizens to behold this sound unit. More information concerning the Photonic Einductor can be obtained through this blog. For readers that are not familiar with Photonic Einductor, it is a sound unit created by Michaelmatician in 2010. It contains several sound pieces as well as images to be witnessed. Upon searching the internet using the term “Photonic Einductor”, one can find sources that display this sound unit.

Michaelmatician has also communicated that all Resistors shall await another sound unit in the future. More manifolds have surfaced in the past months and are pending approval for distribution. It must also be mentioned that we have created a Facebook
page for Michaelmatician and invite all readers of this blog to become ‘friends’ of Michaelmatician via Facebook.

We Will Learn To See The Michrotron.
We Will Learn To See The Michrotron.



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