Interstage, The Variable

It has been established: Object 1 is Slug-Tuned. Upon graphing the characteristics and equated results of Object 1, we see that its shape most closely resembles a diode. We also see that Object 1 exists simply in the ‘Amplitude Modulation’ realm and operates according to its fundamental term. The consequence of a transformation by Object 1 would certainly result in a graphical explosion in both the X and Y dimensions/axes. Furthermore, the expiration of Object 1 is set for 108 metric units and is in motion. The impedence of units in ‘Amplitude Modulation’ is relatively low, yet the variable mantains 88% of its signal without distortion. The variable is placed in parallel with Object 1 so that it may be interstaged accordingly. All units are serving as sub-functional to aid in the 1st interstage of the variable. The variable contains modulated current during the course of the function as well as the interstage. Object 1 is not expected to oppose the motion of the interstage. The variable has unexpectedly produced a signal audible in the radio spectrum. However, Object 1 is functional yet. Its role in the local circuit is both secondary and perpetual. Therefore, Object 1 is Slug-Tuned.



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