Transmission 6.11


Michaelmatician has made the following statement:

“Events do occur, but the so-called videos presented on behalf of Michaelmatician are not records of the past. They occur when they are witnessed, they are not of one dimension. Furthermore, they are not called videos…they are called units. The units and the dimensions may or may not connect. The observer views the unit or the dimension, which are never the same twice. Another observer views yet a different unit and dimension, and is unable to know that it is in fact different. This knowledge…information has to be limited. The public will be given specific information, as much as they can understand. Resistors know…and see the Michrotron. Professions will be presented publicly and in the form of Units. The information will not be presented publicly or in the form of units. The public will learn to find information…and discern it from disinformation. The public will learn to see the Michrotron.”


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