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DeDonde Inc: “The Wire Dynamo”

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In November of 2011 DeDonde Inc introduced “The Wire Dynamo” to their upper-level management employees. However, an image of the device was captured on paper and secretly delivered to us. We assume that the employees were shown a photograph of the device and not the actual device. The following image appears to be a drawing of the photograph of “The Wire Dynamo”. We believe its purpose is to enable DeDonde managers to communicate without speaking via a secret code system.


Wave/Particle Duality

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This image was previously submitted to the Jeremy Shingles Blog, but its purpose was not revealed. MICHAELmATICIAN has now revealed that this image is to correspond with the Sound Piece “Wave/Particle Duality” which will be included in the forthcoming Sound Unit (album). We can only assume that MICHAELmATICIAN will continue to release bits of information concerning the forthcoming album in this manner, which all Right Citizens shall pay careful attention to.


New Sound Unit

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