DeDonde Inc. against PIPA and SOPA

During the recent internet outrage about PIPA and SOPA, a representative from DeDonde Inc. in Tulsa stated that the company is strongly against the proposed legislation of PIPA and SOPA. This has come as a surprise to many people based on DeDonde Inc.’s historical stance concerning any and all legislation. (Always in favor.)

“Well, in this case DeDonde is in the same boat as most Americans who don’t want to lose the freedoms currently available on the internet. If PIPA and SOPA are passed, tons of user-created content will be removed. DeDonde cannot support this, there is just too much private data to aquire.”

DeDonde’s representative Tartley Sangham has indicated that the company is very interested in being able to gain from the information made available across the web. This is no doubt unethical, but to stop it would mean censorship. We shall not support DeDonde Inc. or Tulsa. We shall however learn to see the Michrotron.




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