Resistance Has Met. [2.5.12]

Resistance has met. All members were present this past weekend for the first quarter meeting. Although the location was changed unexpectedly, the meeting was quite efficient (the original location was a random Dallas sports bar, there was some sort of “game” that attracted countless citizens). Nevertheless, MICHAELmATICIAN has stated the objectives for the next quarter and the assignments to be completed.

Naturally, much of the meeting must be kept secret. However, here is a particular quote from one of the members: “Organisms that shed their dead shells will emerge with new ones, they move on. Our world is different, the dying and dead portions remain present and in use while the new ones emerge. We need only to look at payphone booths and VHS tapes to see the truth. Digital media have engulfed our realities, but the previous physical forms remain present.”

Messages of the Resistance and of MICHAELmATICIAN will be transmitted and recorded in any available form. We embrace the physical and the digital forms, but always in the most secure and economical ways. We are from and very much apart of the dying portion of this reality. We embrace the new portions yet resist the destruction of their previous forms. We will learn to see the Michrotron.



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