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No More Zombie Stores…

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Jeremy Shingles recently attended a seminar held by DeDonde Inc. (Fort Worth). The seminar was called “Un-failed Markets: Money Undead”. The basic premise was that various commerical areas that have failed or “gone under” are to be resurrected by DeDonde Inc. Three attendees were forced to leave the seminar after disrupting a speaker by yelling “no more zombie stores”. This is believed to be in reference to the rumour that Bennigan’s locations will be reopened by DeDonde Inc. They will not be serving American-Irish-American food. They are to give payday loans to unemployed actors. This claim cannot be confirmed.



Michaelmatician has created an image for all Resistors to behold.

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It has been named. All who would like to learn the name of the image must please comment or email us. More will be learned of it at a different time.