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Palace Algeria (music video 2013)

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The following music video by MICHAELmATICIAN is for the sound piece “Palace Algeria”. All Resistors must take note of the illustrated transformation displayed thereby enabling transition from one transversive world to the next. Palace Algeria is the destination beyond this time barrier. Dedonde be damned. 2.342


2:37am To Be Removed!!

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MICHAELmATICIAN has proposed an official alteration to the time system of the Left Transversive World. On tuesday May 29th the proposition was submitted to the Terminal Timekeeper outlining a plan to replace and rearrange parts of the LTW time system. The Timekeeper has yet to comment on the proposition, while many speculate that no change will be implemented (The most recent time system change occured in 1979).

MICHAELmATICIAN’s plan is as follows: The minute “2:37am” will be removed from the time system. The lacking minute will then be replaced by the doubling of the minute “7:32pm”, making it 120 seconds in duration. This extended minute will mean the replacement of any and all time pieces in the LTW. As MICHAELmATICIAN puts it, “if half of the LTW is living in 7:32pm while the other half is living in the former state of 7:33pm, then the cosmic time code will be inverted terminally. However, this may have positive effects on the economy in certain parts of the LTW. Only time will tell.”

The Right Transversive World converted to a similar system in 2006 when the minute “3:33am” was divided into an additional 30 seconds in “1:11pm” and 5:55pm”, respectively.


“The Current Timekeeper”
(Ronald Stams)1972-Present

Press Release: “Palace Algeria”

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MICHAELmATICIAN’s upcoming sound unit will contain a sound piece named “Palace Algeria”. MICHAELmATICIAN has stated that Algeria is the last stronghold of the Resistance, therefore we assume the sound piece elaborates upon that. Also, “Palace Algeria” will mark the first time since 1988 that a music single has referenced Algeria (Algeria’s national anthem was released as a Christmas song in 1988). Although the people of Algeria will be extremely excited to hear the sound piece, it is likely that “Palace Algeria” will not arrive there until late next year (Algerian law states that any outside music must be translated and re-recorded before being distributed in Algeria). It is our hope that this law can be circumvented by the smuggling of used VHS tapes on which the sound piece will be recorded. MICHAELmATICIAN will likely select a local Algerian VHS favorite: Star Trek III – The Search for Spock.


Please stay tuned for “Palace Algeria” by MICHAELmATICIAN. It will be made accessible at the Jeremy Shingles Blog. If you wish to have “Palace Algeria” on your used VHS, please contact us. Finally, from the aforementioned anthem: “That we are in revolt, whether to live or to die, we are determined that Algeria should live, so be our witness, be our witness, be our witness”



DeDonde Inc. Acquires Copyrights:Major/Minor

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DeDonde Inc. continues to gain control over various sectors of the entertainment industry this year. Within the music industry, DeDonde has so far copyrighted both the major and minor scales as well as the perfect fifth. It is believed that DeDonde plans to use these rights to gain profits from any and all uses of their acquired musical scales and intervals. In early January, DeDonde reportedly received payment for use of the minor scale in the song “Moves Like Jagger”, which equalled 18% of the total royalties from the song. The respective music artist has not commented about the payment to DeDonde Inc. Many critics have also questioned the meaning of the song’s lyrics and the scope of its popularity.

The implications of a large multi-national corporation like DeDonde Inc. holding copyrights to musical scales and intervals are innumerable. Secondary schools and Karaoke Bars must now agree to pay the 18% flat rate the DeDonde Inc. anytime their scales or intervals are used, including inversions and alterations. It is predicted that by the end of July 2012 DeDonde will have rights to C# and most likely “Drop D” tuning.

MICHAELmATICIAN has stated that all citizens should fight against the legal enforcement of any music-related payment to DeDonde Inc. based on copyrights of musical note sequences. He has also requested that “Drop D” tuning beĀ  avoided immediately.


What Year Is It?

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All Right Citizens are expected to answer the following questions (in the comments of this post):

1. What year was this photograph taken in?

2. Who is in this photograph?

3. What city was this photograph taken in?

***All Resistors have reported the answers to these questions in secret. The meeting will occur as planned, the transmission must be modified according to the previous memo.


Advert #1

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Aid To Japan

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March 22 2011

Michaelmatician has communicated information to Resistors concerning the recent disaster in Japan. He has insisted that aid be given to the Japanese by way of either World Vision or Red Cross. Please do not expect help to be given by governments or multinational corporations like Walmart, Apple or Dedonde. Use the abilities and resources you have (within your means) to assist Japan in this matter. You will not be rewarded for you efforts. You will not be recognized for your donations. But you are meant to give aid.

Click on the images to visit the respective websites of these organizations. Specific instructions are given with regards to aid and donation.

And as usual, beware of Dedonde. All Resistors shall meet and learn to see the Michrotron.

2.342 Jeremy Shingles