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Resistance Shall Meet

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Where will it be?

The Vehicle of Control

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Obtain. A. Sound Unit. ___

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Get Photonic Einductor here!

It cannot be stopped. This item is now available to all citizens in this transversive world. Doing this was the only way to prevent Dedonde Inc. from claiming ownership.

Pages within Pages, Doom Riders and Dedonde

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I believe this one speaks for itself. It was found 19 years ago inside a book checked out from the Hampton Public Library. The book was Watership Down and the page was 10.

Quite often employees of Dedonde Inc. or even Doom Riders would attempt to infiltrate weekly Resistance meetings. They did not dare enter, but would watch from nearby and document anything they could. This was typically reported back to Dedonde Headquarters via paper. Occasionally, the spy would be discovered during the meeting and either chased or murdered. I believe this note was written by a Dedonde employee who was chased but not caught. He most likely hid the paper in the nearest public library and then promptly time jumped. We might never know.


Zero-Motion Storyboard Discovered!

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This video was anonymously submitted today. It seems to be Michaelmatician’s storyboard for his song “Zero-Motion”. Though the quality is quite low, it tells the story of how Michael and the Resistance used Zero-Motion to evade the Doom Riders of Dedonde Inc. We can only hope that there is an actual music video out there somewhere. Check your local thrift store or pawn shop.

To read more about Zero-Motion, visit this previous post:


A Unit Discovered

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These photos were taken in early 1993 by an anonymous baseball card collector in Austin, Texas. Research concerning this discovery is currently being conducted and I am waiting for Michael to comment.


This is a photo of the collector, before he disappeared in 1996.

While routinely searching various pawn shops and thrift stores over the past weekend I made the discovery. The photos were found inside a comic book at this pawn shop:

We shall continue to look, in hopes that one day we will see.