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2:37am To Be Removed!!

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MICHAELmATICIAN has proposed an official alteration to the time system of the Left Transversive World. On tuesday May 29th the proposition was submitted to the Terminal Timekeeper outlining a plan to replace and rearrange parts of the LTW time system. The Timekeeper has yet to comment on the proposition, while many speculate that no change will be implemented (The most recent time system change occured in 1979).

MICHAELmATICIAN’s plan is as follows: The minute “2:37am” will be removed from the time system. The lacking minute will then be replaced by the doubling of the minute “7:32pm”, making it 120 seconds in duration. This extended minute will mean the replacement of any and all time pieces in the LTW. As MICHAELmATICIAN puts it, “if half of the LTW is living in 7:32pm while the other half is living in the former state of 7:33pm, then the cosmic time code will be inverted terminally. However, this may have positive effects on the economy in certain parts of the LTW. Only time will tell.”

The Right Transversive World converted to a similar system in 2006 when the minute “3:33am” was divided into an additional 30 seconds in “1:11pm” and 5:55pm”, respectively.


“The Current Timekeeper”
(Ronald Stams)1972-Present


Advert #2

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Jeremy Shingles Reports: Part 2

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In 21 days It will be revealed.

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The photograph above is not It.

More updates shall appear to all right citizens who read the Jeremy Shingles Blog.



In 28 days It will be revealed

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I have discovered yet another product of Michaelmatician from his latest effort ‘Photonic Einductor’. This sub-unit has been/will be created quite secretly and shall set a precedent.


Future Resistors: Submit your email address below.


Pages within Pages, Doom Riders and Dedonde

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I believe this one speaks for itself. It was found 19 years ago inside a book checked out from the Hampton Public Library. The book was Watership Down and the page was 10.

Quite often employees of Dedonde Inc. or even Doom Riders would attempt to infiltrate weekly Resistance meetings. They did not dare enter, but would watch from nearby and document anything they could. This was typically reported back to Dedonde Headquarters via paper. Occasionally, the spy would be discovered during the meeting and either chased or murdered. I believe this note was written by a Dedonde employee who was chased but not caught. He most likely hid the paper in the nearest public library and then promptly time jumped. We might never know.


Photonic Einductor Reviewed!

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Photonic Einductor is Michaelmatician’s newest effort (a ‘sound unit’ as he calls it) to be discovered.

He recently gave me permission to review it and get some of his comments about it. This was done via writing on restaurant napkins and hiding them in movie theatres. After determining the locations, I would have to write a single question on a napkin and then hide it in the 10:30 theatre for “Iron Man 2”. He would then retrieve the napkin and leave his response on the back inside the 8:30 theatre. This meant that I received the answers before he received the questions. It was slightly irritating.

For the reader’s sake I will list the question and then its answer, even though Michael insisted that the answers only be provided.

1. What Inspired you to create this unit?

M: The future. Certain things needed to be said about the things that will occur. Also, I found a new keyboard machine in Guam and I needed to use it.

2. Are there any musical influences you would like to share with regards to the unit?

M: Yes, but most of them are secret. I had spoken with Thomas Dolby in ’85 about techno-modulation. It is a concept that involves the time dimension changing its ‘key’ inversely to the harmonic key. Very subtle.

3. Who do you hope will be reached by this unit?

M: Workers, teachers, plumbers and accountants. Aside from those groups it won’t matter who hears/sees it.

At this point we ran out of napkins and I never saw Michael again. We are still working out the details on distribution.
“Only those who see will be chosen to possess the unit.”